My PicoLAS short pulse driver (e.g. from the LDP-V series) does not generate any output when I send a trigger signal. What should I check?

Please follow the “How get started guide” in the manual. If not stated differently, please always start with a short instead of a laser diode as load.

The trigger input requires a 5 V signal and is terminated with 50 Ohm. Depending on the trigger/function generator it may be possible that a specific setting or an adjustment of the voltage is needed to achieve the required 5 V.

In some cases the trigger/function generator adds additional 50 Ohm, so that the received voltage at the driver is effectively halved and doesn’t trigger.

An easy way to test if the correct voltage is applied is to connect the trigger/function generator to an oscilloscope with 50 Ohm input termination.
If the signal displayed on the oscilloscope ranges from 0 to 5 V, it is correct and has the correct scaling.
Please keep in mind that a signal with a 5 V range symmetrical around 0 V (-2,5 V to 2,5 V) is not suitable.