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Laser driver from PicoLAS

PicoLAS GmbH was founded in 2005, is based in Würselen (Germany) and specializes in the development and manufacturing of power supplies for laser diodes. PicoLAS offers a unique portfolio of drivers from 200 ps up to cw, to cover research, development and industrial applications.
The excellent reliability and the attractive cost-effectiveness of all PicoLAS products are well known worldwide. Their compact and modular design allows an easy machine integration. Especially our short pulse drivers for nanosecond pulses up to several hundred amperes are very popular.

Customer support at PicoLAS

In order to support our customers especially during commissioning, detailed operating instructions have been created by our engineers. All documents are always available for download on our website. There it is also possible to retrieve all further information about our online shop on the various products. Since almost all our drivers are directly available, it is possible to order them quickly and easily at any time. If, as an exception, a product is not in stock, you can inquire about the delivery time at any time by e-mail or by calling without obligation.

Your satisfaction as a customer is our top priority and therefore the quality of our products and services is of paramount importance to us. To implement this, we have a multi-level quality control. Each individual product is tested separately and the results are documented. Based on the serial number of the device, traceability within our production processes is guaranteed at all times and we keep the documents indefinitely.