LDP-V 240-100 V3.3


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Our Short Pulse Drivers

With the LDP-V series, PicoLAS offers compact and cost-effective drivers for laser diodes in the short pulse application range. The pulse duration can be flexibly adjusted between 1 ns and 10 µs with currents of up to 240 A. For operation, only a 15 … 24 V DC supply and a trigger signal are required for operation.

In addition, you can control many of the LDP-V drivers with the PLCS-21 control panel. For this purpose, the PLCS-21 is simply plugged directly onto the compatible LDP-V driver. Thus, a digitally controllable internal pulse generator is added. The driver settings can be made either via USB 2.0 communication with a PC or via our PLB-21 control panel.

• Ultra compact OEM module
• Supply Voltage: 15 .. 24 V
• Output Current: 40 .. 240 A
• Pulse duration: 20 ns .. 10 µs
• Current rise time: 25 ns
• Repetition rate: max. 2 MHz
• Integrated high voltage source: 0 .. 100 V
• Baseplate Cooling
• Dimensions in mm: 88
x 44 x 20

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