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Our seed drivers for pulse durations from picoseconds to cw!

The drivers have been specially developed for driving seed diodes in solid-state and fiber lasers. They feature either analog real-time modulation or can convert extremely short pump pulses in the ps range. With the analog real-time modulation any pulse shape can be realized with a maximum time resolution or minimum pulse duration of 1 ns. For the ps-range we offer the BFPS-VRHSP 02, a driver which can generate electrical pulses of < 500 ps in response to a trigger signal.

All drivers for laser diodes in the Butterfly package offer an integrated digitally controllable TEC driver.

• Supply Voltage: 24 V
• Output Voltage: 0 .. 5.6 V (Single LD)
• Output current: 0 .. 500 mA
• Pulse duration: 1 ns .. cw
• Current rise time: < 1 ns
• Repetition rate: 0 .. 750 MHz
• Analog modulation: 1 GHz
• Baseplate Cooling
• Dimensions in mm: 69.7
x 54

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